3 Steps to Making Money on Craigslist

I’ve been buying and selling Apple products online for over 5 years. I started while I was in high school and continued doing this in college. There are plenty of other options besides Craigslist, such as eBay or Amazon, but unlike those other sites there are no fees you need to pay once you sell your item. Its just more cash in your pocket! Here are the 3 steps to make money on Craigslist.


1. Find In Demand Items

Go through your local Craigslist page and see what items have a lot of wanted ads posted for a particular item, such as an Apple iPhone, iPad or MacBook. These wanted ads are generally from people just like me looking to prey on someone who doesn’t know the value of their item and planning on reselling it for a higher price back on Craigslist. There are a lot people who do this for other items such TVs, cameras & game consoles including PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

If you live in a city with a small Craigslist community, try looking at a larger city near by and see what items you can find that are in demand, these items will generally also be just as wanted back in your own city. Another way to search for items that are in demand is by browsing Amazon and look for items that have a lot of positive reviews. This will allow you to see what items have a lot of interest and many search on Craigslist prior to purchasing.


2. Know Details About Items Your Buying

Before buying anything it is always important to do research first and know the basic details prior to making the purchase. Doing a quick search on Google about the item you want to buy is very helpful. This allows you to be a knowledgeable buyer and to prevent someone from scamming you.


3. Negotiate A Good Price

This is the most important step to making money, the better you negotiate the more money you will make. There are no firm prices on Craigslist and many are willing to negotiate to sell their item quickly. Sometimes it may be difficult to negotiate with people who are knowledgeable sellers or just stubborn. The best way to deal with these types of people is by moving on to the next seller, this will only save time and headaches. It is always important to be friendly and communicate like your having a real conversation with the seller instead of just telling them a price you want to buy at it. I would always try to be as nice as possible and inform them that I was a student, and on a limited budget.

In up coming articles I’ll break down each step in great detail with specific examples that you can use for each step to successfully make money on Craigslist.